This section is for Rover and Contest operational information.

Articles posted here are intended to be declarations by Rovers of their activities in upcoming contests.  Anyone wishing to post an operating schedule for a fixed station is welcome to do so.  Other contest information of interest to the club can be posted here also.

Only users registered as rovers may post here.  Contact the admin if your wish to be included as one.

Also, since this is open to the Internet at large, it is best if you ask people to email you for your cell numbers, instead of posting them here.

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The Contest Clock 19 January 2018 Written by unknown
2018 January Contest Links 01 January 2018 Written by Bob - W2SJ
2018 January Contest Teams 06 December 2017 Written by Bob - W2SJ
This Section is for Rover and Contest Info 13 October 2017 Written by Bill WS3O