Email Reflector

The Pack Rats have an E-Mail reflector that is open to Pack Rats and friends of the Pack Rats. The intent of this E-mail reflector is to have a convenient means of reaching list members on subjects of general interest to the VHF/UHF and Microwave community in general and to the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club in particular. Simply click on the "Join Pack Rats Reflector" link below and follow the directions on that page. If you are already a list member and wish to send mail to the list choose "Send Mail for Distribution". You have to be a member of the list to send mail. You don't have to be a Pack Rat for this list.

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The Pack Rats also have a Members Only reflector. This list consists of, and is for the use of, only Pack Rat club members.
Pack Rat members contact:

Pack Rat Members Only Reflector