The Pack Rats meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Ben Wilson Senior Center in Warminster, PA, except for the July and August meetings.  Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings.  The Ben Wilson Senior Center is located at:

580 Delmont Avenue
Warminster, PA 18974


This is one block south of Street Road (Route 132), behind Giuseppe's Pizza. Delmont Avenue is between York Road (Route 263) and Easton Road (Route 611) across from the Five Ponds Golf Course. Click here for a map.

The upcoming meeting agenda:  

Due to the Corona Virus Look for possible last minute Updates

 Check this site, The Packrat forums and Email for the latest  


  • January - 01/16/2020, W2GAD and others, Getting started with Digital modes 
  • January VHF Contest -  January 18-19 - Starts 2:00pm EST Saturday 
  • January - 01/25/2020, Contest Wrap Up meeting Saturday at the QTH of KA3WXV 10am
  • February - 02/20/2020, Packrat Crying Towel - what went wrong in January! Plus Nick's DMR update table
  • March - 03/19/2020, Home Brew and Vintage Gear night   Cancelled  
  • April - 04/16/2020, ARRL and Awards Night,  No "in person" meeting See line below
  • April - 04/16/2020,   WebEx video conferencing,  ARRL spoke
  • May - 05/21/2020, WebEx video conferencing,  Roger Rehr explains the New Map features
  •                            Mike N2DEQ speaks on  Preparations for June Contest from home
  • June Contest   We will all be operating from our home stations this June VHF                                    Contest.     Starting June 13th, 2:00pm - Ending Sunday 11:00 PM
  • June - 06/18/2020         WebEx Meeting  -  Elections and Contest Wrap up
  • July - 07/16/2020          WebEx  Meeting -  Alan Wolke - W2AEW on IMD in receivers                                and Mike Andrayo - N2DEQ on the outstanding club results from our "Stay at Home" June Contest!
  • August - 08/20/2020      WebEx  Meeting -  Ken W2KB, High Knob and the September contests
  •                                      and Mike N2DEQ, The  Anatomy of an N2DEQ Shack Automation/Antenna Project
  • September -09/17/2020          Location and Topic  TBD
  • October - 10/15/2020              Location and Topic  TBD
  • October - 10/16-18/2020         MUD Conference  Postponed to 2021
  • November -  11/19/2020    Preparation meeting for January Contest
  • December - 12/17/2020  Annual Holiday Social :  Here's a chance to relax with friends and discuss the experiences of the past years. Doors open at 6:00pm. Come early and hungry.   

  Special  meetings :

  • August     08/23/2019  Camelback Conference call 7:30pm
  • October   10/07/2019   Camelback  Work party at Dover Delaware 9:30 am
  • January   01/25/2020   January vhf Contest Wrap up meeting
  • January   01/30/2020   Camelback Conference call 7:30pm
  • February  02/27/2020   Camelback Conference call 7:30pm
  • March      03/07/2020   Camelback  Work party at Dover Delaware 9:30 am
  • March      03/26/2020   Camelback  Conference call 7:30pm
  • April        04/30/2020   Camelback  Conference call 7:30pm 
  • May        05/28//2020   Camelback  Conference call  Cancelled  


    MUD Conference 2020:    Postponed to 2021

2020  Microwave Update Joint Conference of

      Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club and N.E.W.S. ( The North East Weak Signal Group )