Here is (well soon to be) an archive of all of the club newsletters, back to Volume 1 Issue 1 in 1958.  Thank you to the distinguished club of editors:

Helen Brick Elliott Weisman, K3JJZ Harry Stein, W3CL Rick Connor, WC2K
Harry Brown, W3IIT Rick Rosen, K1DS Doc Whitticar, W3GAD Lenny Wintfeld, W2BVH

And many thanks to Bert, K3IUV, for locating and scanning the many years of newsletters.  (If I missed any other editors, please let me know, I only had time to spot check the back issues.)

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Title Published Date
Cheese Bits June 1993 01 June 1993
Cheese Bits May 1993 01 May 1993
Cheese Bits April 1993 01 April 1993
Cheese Bits March 1993 01 March 1993
Cheese Bits February 1993 01 February 1993
Cheese Bits January 1993 01 January 1993
Cheese Bits April 1958 01 April 1958