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You Are Invited To Join Us!

The Pack Rats are looking for new members. We are seeking amateurs who are either already on the VHF/UHF weak signal bands, or are seriously interested in weak signal operation above 50 MHz. Browse our Web sight to find out a little more about are interests and activities. More information is available by contacting one of the members listed on the Club Contacts and Pack Rat History page.

MEMBERS: Click on this link to PAY YOUR DUES via PayPal account (or credit card via PayPal)

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2017 ARRL Contest Dates

Jan 21-23 , January VHF Sweepstakes
Jun 10-12 , June VHF QSO Party
Aug 5-6 , 222 Mhz and Up Distance Contest
Aug 19-20, 10 gc and Up Contest - Round 1
Sep 9-10, EME Contest - 2.3 GHz and Up
Sep 9-11, September VHF QSO Party
Sep 16-17, 10 gc and Up Contest - Round 2
Oct 7-8, EME Contest (50-1296 MHz) Round 1
Nov 4-5, EME Contest (50-1296 MHz) Round 2

For More Information Visit the ARRL Contest WEB Page.

Spring Sprints

For More Information Visit the Central States VHF Society.

Pack Rat Contest Stuff

Pack Rats to look for in the 2011 January Contest - PDF

Pack Rat Contest Clock - 2012 January Contest - PDF

V31PC Beacon Project Pack Rats build beacon for use in the country of Belize. Info Here

June Contest Information The Pack Rats on Camelback Mountain in FN21HB. See June Contest

Pack Rat 1970 Expedition to Rodanthe, NC
Expedition to Nags Head, NC to attempt land distance record on 1296 Mhz.

Pack Rat 1976 EME Expedition
Expedition to South America to put the first moonbounce station on the air from that continent !

Memorial Tribute to Charter Member, Ernie Kenas, W3KKN (SK)

Pack Rat Beacons
Pack Rat Beacons Cartoon
The Pack Rats have ten beacons on the VHF/UHF and Microwave Bands.

See Beacon Information

Club Pictures

Pictures of all the Pack Rat beacons are shown here! See Club Beacons.

Pictures of the W3CCX/3 June QSO Party operation are here. See the setups and antennas we drag around for W3CCX/3.

Pictures from the 1997 Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference.

Pictures from the 1998 Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference.

Pictures from the 1999 Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference.

Pictures from Pack Rat HAMARAMA 1999

Pictures from Pack Rat Picnic 2005

Pictures from Microwave Update 2007 hosted by the Pack Rats

Pictures from 2012 Joint VHF Conference

Pictures from 2015 Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference

Pack Rats Reflector (Auto E-mail Distribution)

The Pack Rats have an E-Mail reflector that is open to Pack Rats and friends of the Pack Rats. The intent of this E-mail reflector is to have a convenient means of reaching list members on subjects of general interest to the VHF/UHF and Microwave community in general and to the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club in particular. Simply click on the "Join Pack Rats Reflector" link below and follow the directions on that page. If you are already a list member and wish to send mail to the list choose "Send Mail for Distribution". You have to be a member of the list to send mail. You don't have to be a Pack Rat for this list.

Join Pack Rats Reflector Send Mail For Distribution

The Pack Rats also have a Members Only reflector. This list consists of, and is for the use of, only Pack Rat club members.

Pack Rat Members Only Reflector

If you have questions about the Pack Rat Reflectors go to List Information