1998 Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference
Dave Olean, K1WHS, describes how his home brew magnetometer is used to detect Aurora.
Steve Kostro, N2CEI, discusses some of the new microwave devices and products that can be used by hams.
Tom Williams, WA1MBA, shows off some millimeter equipment for ham use and for EHF imaging applications.
Tom Whitted, WA8WZG, talks about how to squeeze every last dB out of your feedline system.
Chris Fagas, WB2VVV, gave a talk on his use of microstrip patch antennas for use as rover antennas.
High power solid state microwave amplifiers where discussed.
Mystery Man
The crowd of VHF/UHF enthusiasts pack the conference room at the Hampton Inn.
The test laboratory was a big hit with many visitors who brought equipment to be tested on the high class test instruments.
Test lab