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Pack Rat Monthly Meetings

Last Updated Monday, August 29, 2016

The Pack Rats meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Ben Wilson Senior Center in Warminster, PA (except for the July and August meetings. See below). See Meetings for a map and more information.

Jan - 01/19/2017, Preparation for ARRL January VHF contest. Assistance, procedures, and logging.

Feb - 02/16/2017, Crying Towel Meeting, Members and guests are encouraged to describe their January contest woes and dealings with Murphy. A Towel is awarded to the best story of the night to help sop up the tears.

March - 03/16/2017, Homebrew Night: Everyone is encouraged to bring in and describe their latest homebrew project. A panel of select judges will review the projects and award prizes.

April - 04/20/2017, ARRL Night. Dan Henderson, N1ND is the scheduled speaker.
May - 05/18/2017, Antenna Presentation by Jerome, K3GNC. Jerome uses multiple antennas on 2 meters to get around building obstacles surrounding his QTH - and possible "Shack Tour".
June - 6/15/17, Pack Rat election of officers and June Contest Discussion
July - 7/xx/17, The July Pack Rat meeting and 'White Elephant' sale/auction
August - 8/13/16 , The annual Pack Rat Family Day and Picnic will be held on Saturday, 8/13/16 from noon til ?? ... at the QTH of KB1JEY .. Bring lawn chairs and a bathing suit as the pool will be open. Bring a covered dish to share. Burgers, dogs and liquid refreshments provided gratis. Family, children and guests invited. Have a relaxing afternoon with your club friends. Rain date, Sunday, Aug 9th. KB1JEY QTH
September - 09/15/2016, Report from the EME 2016 International Conference held in Venice, Italy. Rick, K1DS will coordinate this meeting. Ed, WA3DRC will give a “Shack Tour”.

October - 10/20/2016, Power Measurement. Tom, KA3FQS will make a presentation on this subject. George KA3WXV, Ed WA3DRC, and Michael KB1JEY will do a presentation and demonstration of the utility of Storage Oscilloscopes.

November - 11/17/2016, Bob, W2SJ will give a “Shack Tour”.

December - 12/15/2016, Holiday Meeting and Packrat’s 60th Anniversary celebration. Meeting will feature holiday food and beverages.