1999 Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference
Brian Justin, WA1ZMS, describes his 75 GHz equipment and his quest for the first VUCC on the band.
Brian Justin, WA1ZMS
Dave Meter, N4MW, discusses his microwave activity in the rare grid of FM17.
Dave Meter, N4MW
Matt Reilly, KB1VC, presented his Line-Of-Sight Plot Server WEB site information and how it works with examples.
Matt Reilly, KB1VC
Buzz Miklos, WA4GPM, Mr. Power Tube, discusses high power tube amplifier design including a 4CX1500 on 6 meters.
Buzz Miklos, WA4GPM
Peter Anderson, KC1HR, describes a home brew Digital Downcoverter Chip receiver for the Ham bands.
Peter Anderson, KC1HR
Fred Stefanic, N1DPM, presented some really good ideas on making a station portable for field excursions.
Fred Stefanic, N1DPM
Frank Potts, NC1I, presented slides on the trials and tribulations of putting up his 48 Yagi 432 antenna array.
Frank Potts, NC1I
KB3XG and W2PED presented an update on their Ham affordable 24 GHz, 1 Watt, solid state amplifier design.
Some of the group gathered at the 1999 Pack Rat Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference.
Crowd at Pack Rat VHF Conference